Veterinary Electrotherapy Products

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Equine/Canine Therapists using DEEP OSCILLATION®




Combination device for dual channel stimulation current and ultrasound 1 and 3 MHz (for horses and small animals)





vetri-med portable

Portable stimulation current therapy device with battery for mobile use with horses and small animals




vetri-son clinic

The practical ultrasound therapy device for use with small animals

Vetri Ultrasound


vetri-son portable

Portable ultrasound therapy device with battery for mobile use with horses and small animals



vetri-lasp laser pen

The therapeutic laser pen vetri-lasp allows for comfortable treatment of pain, trigger and acupuncture points.

vetri-lasc laser comb

The therapeutic laser comb vetri-lasc is used for application on larger surfaces (e. g., in trauma, arthropathy, hypertonia of large muscles and dermatology). It works with 14 laser diodes and offers continuous output, multi-frequency and alpha-frequency. The infrared diode laser with a wavelength of 785 nm provides the best values of penetration depth and biostimulation efficiency according to latest scientific conclusions.



MAGCELL® VETRI works quickly on painful hip and knee arthritis, Hallux rigidus and bunions, as well as other arthritic conditions. MAGCELL® VETRI immediately soothes inflammation, improves cellular metabolism, and increases mobility. High-dose pulse magnetic fields are generated using an innovative process. They serve as the transfer media for electrical treatment fields. The fields are physiologically effective in the joint area and threshold values for important cellular regeneration and differentiation processes are exceeded.

Dowload PDF of Pilot Study published in The Prostate - August 2014

"Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapyon Prostate Volume and Vascularity in the Treatmentof Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A Pilot Study in a Canine Model"

Raffaella Leoci, Giulio Aiudi, Fabio Silvestre, Elaine Lissner, and
Giovanni Michele Lacalandra

Department of Emergency and Organ Transplantation (DETO), Section of Veterinary Clinic
and Animal Production, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Valenzano, Bari, Italy, Parsemus Foundation, Berkeley, California


See also

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 543564, 9 pages

Research Article

Potent Stimulation of Blood Flow in Fingers of Volunteers after Local Short-Term Treatment with Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields from a Novel Device

Richard H. W. Funk,1 Lilla Knels,1 Antje Augstein,2 Rainer Marquetant,2 and Hermann F. Dertinger3




  • Gilliyan Carter of Equi-therapy works with DEEP OSCILLATION®

  • vetri-combi

  • vetri-med portable

  • vetri-son clinic

  • vetri-son portable

  • vetri-lasp laser pen

  • vetri-lasc laser comb