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Observation of deep oscillation usage and its effectiveness on burn scars – case report

By Mary Fickling on Dec 30 2019. Key words: scar, burn, deep oscillation.

PhysioPod UK are Nottingham Forest Woman U12 Official Shirt Sponsors for Season 2019-2020

By Mary Fickling on Nov 28 2019. When my Sister, Julie Soroczyn and I, started our dream and business venture in 2006 with PhysioPod® UK Ltd, we never thought it would mean that we'd be in a position to support the dreams of other young woman in the process.

DEEP OSCILLATION® In The Diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis - Clinician Report

By Mary Fickling on Nov 21 2019. Two patients with the diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis visited the practice in Switzerland for a repeated series of treatments in physiotherapy. (3 x 9 PT sessions)

Effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® in Stroke Rehabilitation - 14 Years Post CVA - A Report From Sara Spenceley

By Mary Fickling on Nov 11 2019. Background “My client is a lady in her early 60s who came to me for deep oscillation therapy after having had a left sided cerebrovascular accident (CVA) in 2003. After having intensive physiotherapy, which commenced 5 days post stroke, she had physiotherapy for a further 3 months and then continued to work very hard to walk and to use her arm. Her speech was now good in comparison, to what she had been left with originally, which was poor. A tall, slim lady, with a wicked sense of humour and a great determination to make further improvement, she had been told by the hospital that she would probably not gain much more improvement. They stressed that exercise was very important and they provided her with various exercises to carry out. She completed the exercises on a regular basis and visited a private massage therapist for years. However, he had since moved away, which was why she contacted me.


By Mary Fickling on Feb 21 2017. DEEP OSCILLATION® has a significant oedema-reducing effect, improves trophism (fundamental nutrition involving the actual metabolic exchanges of the tissues) and directly stimulates self-mobilisation in areas relieved of pain, enabling an earlier return to active forms of therapy and activities of daily living. In brain stroke rehabilitation, DEEP OSCILLATION® is used for gentle and effective lymphatic drainage, especially of the head as well as for trophism improvement in hemiplegic areas.  

Recurrent Cellulitis - A Patient Perspective

By Mary Fickling on Oct 02 2019. "I suffer from secondary Lymphoedema after having breast cancer surgery. I have had recurring cellulitis in my arm, sometimes as often as three times a year. Just over a year ago, I was offered a weeks trial of Deep Oscillation by my local Lymphoedema Service. The therapy was good, so I decided to go down the route of having my own machine...

DEEP OSCILLATION® for scar tissue and fibrosis following breast cancer surgery

By Mary Fickling on Oct 01 2019. Lovely feedback for Cathrine Gwitirwa, Chartered Breast Care and Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and great to see Deep Oscillation mentioned.

DEEP OSCILLATION®: A Modern Approach To Traditional Rehabilitation

By Mary Fickling on Sep 27 2019. Cathrine Gwitirwa, Specialist Breast Care & MLD Physiotherapist BSc Physiotherapy (Hons), MCSP, MLDuk, Vodder DLT (Austria)

Benefits of DEEP OSCILLATION® and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) in Breast Cancer Related Lymphoedema, Cording & Fibrosis

By Mary Fickling on Sep 30 2019. Published on LinkedIn Pulse Published on September 27, 2019