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Latest/Other News

DEEP OSCILLATION® - A GameChanger in Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage - Featured on VetClick

By Mary Fickling on Jul 26 2017. DEEP OSCILLATION® has been used in Equine in the UK since 2007 via Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK who uses the therapy for daily sports and injury massage and post operative monitored rehabilitation. This month Alex Riesen BSc(Hons) PGCE Dip ESMT of Ebor Equine Therapy who completed Gilliyan's course has added the therapy to her techniques and VetClick are featuring this news..

PhysioPod UK Become Sponsors of The National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland (NLFI)

By Mary Fickling on Jun 13 2017. The National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland (NLFI) was officially launched by Dr Vaughan Keeley and Prof Margaret Sneddon on behalf of the ILF (International Lymphoedema Framework) when both were guest speakers at the first National Lymphoedema Conference held at the Mater Misericordia Hospital in Dublin on September 24th 2015. In 2017, PhysioPod are proud to support this great initiative.

Reflection on The Best Practice Guidelines For Lipoedema Published by Wounds UK

By Mary Fickling on Jun 05 2017. The publication was co-ordinated by Wounds UK and an Expert Working Group made up of dedicated healthcare professionals and Lipoedema sufferers and was supported by Activa Healthcare, BSN Medical, Haddenham Healthcare, Lipoedema UK, medi UK, Sigvaris and Talk Lipoedema. To mark Lipoedema Awareness Month, PhysioPod asked four of those involved just what the document and their participation meant to them personally.

Burns Outreach Service Take on Deep Oscillation for Scar Management

By Mary Fickling on Jun 03 2017. Welsh Centre for Burns
Morriston Hospital
SA6 6NL.

Mechanisms of Deep Oscillation by Dr Jens Reinhold, CEO Physiomed Elektromedizin AG

By Mary Fickling on May 22 2017. DEEP OSCILLATION® also known as HIVAMAT® 200 therapy, arrived in the UK and Ireland back in 2006 via exclusive distributors PhysioPod® UK Limited. This article, explaining the mechanism of Deep Oscillation with scientific references, has been written exclusively for MLDuk by Dr Jens Reinhold of PhysioMed, the German manufacturers. Deep oscillation is now used effectively by many Chartered Physiotherapists, MLD DLT Practitioners & Lymphoedema Therapists , Sports and Complementary Therapists, reducing pain and swelling, improving range of motion and function whilst reducing pressure on the clinicians hands. In 2012, the therapy became recommended by The Wittlinger Clinic and the Dr Vodder Academy International and PhysioPod became authorised NHS Suppliers. Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Chronic Oedema sufferers are now able to self manage at home via the personal unit.

A list of Professional and University Teams Using HIVAMAT®/DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy in the United States

By Mary Fickling on Nov 20 2012. PhysioPod UK Limited worked closely with previous distribution partners of Physiomed, William and Yvonne Griffith for many years and were very pleased to receive this elite list of users of DEEP OSCILLATION.

A Review Of The TALK Lipoedema Spring Conference 2017 - Living To Your Full Potential and a look at Milestones in the UK Lipoedema Journey

By Mary Fickling on May 04 2017. Lipoedema is an adipose fat tissue disorder which effects an estimated 11% of the female population and yet, most surprisingly, it is not a condition that is covered in medical schools. It is a very cruel disease which affects sufferers both physically and mentally, impacting greatly on self confidence and self esteem. It is regularly misdiagnosed as simple obesity and it is also mistaken for Lymphoedema.

Antoinette Ford Equine Body Worker Now Using Global Award Winning DEEP OSCILLATION®

By Mary Fickling on Mar 27 2017. “I love working with DEEP OSCILLATION®. I get great results, especially on tight/spasming back muscles. And the horses love it too! I worked on one last week that could be labeled as "most likely to kick the therapist"? and he stood like a saint while I worked on his hamstrings - normally you cannot get much further back than the ilium or maybe the stifle”

Management of Breast Cancer Related Lymphoedema - Crescent Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences (review includes DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment)

By Mary Fickling on Mar 24 2017. PhysioPod® are delighted that DEEP OSCILLATION® is mentioned in this editorial review published in the Crescent Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences looking at treatments for Breast Cancer Related Lymphoedema.

DEEP OSCILLATION® after breast cancer surgery mentioned positively in new book

By Mary Fickling on Mar 13 2017. Jui Chu, Yeh, author of the book "What can physical therapy do after breast cancer surgery", mentions positively the application with HIVAMAT® 200 after surgical interventions in breast cancer patients in the chapter "Treatment of lymphedema".