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Latest/Other News

Lymphoedema of head and neck - self management with the DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sport

By Mary Fickling on Jul 14 2014. Following surgery and radiation treatment Orna's lymphatic system had become compromised, her MLD DLT Lymphoedema Practitioner, Monica Conway, recommended she purchase a DEEP OSCILLATION Personal to help with daily self management.

PhysioPod UK Become Sponsors of The National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland (NLFI)

By Mary Fickling on Jun 13 2017. The National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland (NLFI) was officially launched by Dr Vaughan Keeley and Prof Margaret Sneddon on behalf of the ILF (International Lymphoedema Framework) when both were guest speakers at the first National Lymphoedema Conference held at the Mater Misericordia Hospital in Dublin on September 24th 2015. In 2017, PhysioPod are proud to support this great initiative.

DEEP OSCILLATION® THERAPY (DOT) A Global Award-Winning Healthcare Innovation: “Kind To The Therapist And Their Client”

By Mary Fickling on Sep 11 2017. New article appearing in the 'Training and Education' section of the 'Embody Autumn Issue 2017' the official membership magazine of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) which is the leading professional organization representing complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland. The magazine is produced quarterly exclusively for those involved in the complementary therapy sector with an estimated readership of over 40,000.

DEEP OSCILLATION® Five Year Feedback

By Mary Fickling on Oct 31 2015. Clinical Musculoskeletal Remedial Massage Practitioner Carol Harvey provides treatments which include advanced techniques such as Soft Tissue Release (STR), Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Connective Tissue Manipulation (CTM) and Neuromuscular Techniques (NMT). PhysioPod were delighted to received this testimonial following her five years of use of DEEP OSCILLATION therapy in Guernsey.

Five Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trusts Add DEEP OSCILLATION® to their Lymphoedema Services

By Mary Fickling on Mar 13 2017. As NHS Approved Suppliers, PhysioPod UK are delighted that DEEP OSCILLATION® is being utilised, where appropriate, for the management of Lymphoedema, adding and enhancing existing protocols to help sufferers manage this life long and chronic condition.

Claire Tickle, Lipoedema Sufferer Completes Final Surgery With Consultant Plastic Surgeon Anne Dancey And Confirms DEEP OSCILLATION® Was "Crucial To Her Post Surgical Recovery"

By Mary Fickling on Aug 09 2017. In three out of seven operations in Claire Tickle's surgical journey for Lipoedema, which have been carried out by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Anne Dancey, DEEP OSCILLATION® has been used pre and post surgically. Firstly, in order to prepare her tissue for liposuction and secondly to enhance and reduce the surgical recovery rate. Please read the full article below the LipoGraphic to discover more about Claire's lengthy journey; from being told at aged 15/16 by her GP that she was "fat and to go away and diet" to being diagnosed by Professor Mortimer in 2009, aged 32, with the painful adipose fat disease Lipoedema. Despite being refused Liposuction treatment on the NHS, Claire Tickle, a single working mother, bravely went ahead with raising funds. With the support of friends and family to improve her quality of life, she has had dramatic and life-enhancing surgery to reduce the constant pain of this chronic and slowly progressive disease. Though Claire still has some healing to take place, she now reports that she has 'no pain, which is heaven!" PhysioPod are very proud of Claire and her determination and wish her all the the best for the future. She has been a role model to other sufferers and has created a tremendous amount of awareness of this terrible disease through various media (including baring her ten stone legs on National Television). She has given others the courage to seek a diagnosis and get the help they so rightly deserve.

Reflection on The Best Practice Guidelines For Lipoedema Published by Wounds UK

By Mary Fickling on Jun 05 2017. The publication was co-ordinated by Wounds UK and an Expert Working Group made up of dedicated healthcare professionals and Lipoedema sufferers and was supported by Activa Healthcare, BSN Medical, Haddenham Healthcare, Lipoedema UK, medi UK, Sigvaris and Talk Lipoedema. To mark Lipoedema Awareness Month, PhysioPod asked four of those involved just what the document and their participation meant to them personally.

DEEP OSCILLATION mentioned in Practice Nursing, July 2017

By Mary Fickling on Aug 03 2017. "Lipoedema complicated by secondary lymphoedema" Dr Anne Williams, Isobel MacEwan Practice Nursing | Vol 28 | No 7 | July 2017 | pp 284–289

PhysioPod Announce Their Attendance At The Lipoedema UK Annual Conference 14th/15th October 2017 Sheffield

By Mary Fickling on Aug 02 2017. PhysioPod UK Limited are delighted to confirm they will be joining the Lipoedema UK team on the Saturday only of this event entitled "Together we can beat Lipoedema.." This a very warm and friendly event which aims to inspire and support those living with Lipoedema and their supportive others.

Patient Treatment Diary: 16 days of DEEP OSCILLATION for Plantar Fasciitis

By Mary Fickling on Jul 27 2017. "I have been struggling for nine months with Plantar Fasciitis and the pain has been getting considerably worse, I went to see my GP for some advice or treatment, but the first appointment available to see a specialist was in a minimum of four weeks. I contacted PhysioPod, as I am friends with both Mary and Julie, the Directors and Sisters who live nearby and they were able to offer me treatment very quickly."