PhysioPod Continues To Support Practitioners Promoting The Benefits Of Deep Oscillation Therapy In The UK

Susan Johnson contacted PhysioPod to let them know she would be promoting Deep Oscillation at the recent Equi-ilates Conference, as her daughter Dr Jenni Douglas was speaking at the event on 'Physiological Demand and Physical Preparation Strategies of Equestrian Athletes'. PhysioPod sent over packages of information for delegates and promoted the event on social media after obtaining permission from Event Director Lindsey-Wilcox Reid. PhysioPod were delighted to receive this enthusiastic feedback from Susan following the event.

"Dear Mary,

Thank you for sending the leaflets etc. for the Equi-Pilates conference held at The Broomfield Hall Equine College in Derby on 6th October and your promotion of the event on social media. Upon arriving Lindsay mentioned you had been in contact and was very happy for me to demonstrate during breaks and lunch. Thank you for this, as it really helped me to settle straight in.

I found the conference very interesting and a pleasure to meet, demonstrate and discuss the benefits of Deep Oscillation Therapy. I was invited to be present for each speaker, which I found benefitted my own demonstration. I was now with reinforced knowledge of the physiology of the rider and able to demonstrate where the treatment would be most beneficial; keeping in mind every treatment is tailored to the individual.

During the breaks I showed as many people as possible the Deep Oscillation Personal Sports which I call the 'PhysioPod'. I am always amazed and it excites me the reaction and pleasure that people express when the feel the treatment. A few of the attendees already knew about the treatment for their horses and yet had no idea what it was or that it would benefit the rider too. This I was happy to explain and it all fitted into the main ethos of the conference “That everything we do is about the welfare of the horse”. This was covered by every speaker whether it was having the correct fitting for tack or training in the correct method for the horse and rider.

I believe that treatment with DOT using PhysioPod for the rider can have a positive effect on the welfare of our horses. A pleasure to meet listen and take part in the first conference for Equi-Pilates. I would like to be invited to attend next year and have more time to spend explaining the benefits and being able to demonstrate the product more comprehensively.

I was at the Hereford and Worcester Chamber of Commerce Expo yesterday and although I was doing acupressure seated massage for a media company, I was able to talk about DOT and managed to book many into my private practice, a good result!

I now have a new website and would be grateful if you would amend your details for me as the old ones and now dead. I still have the same contact mobile and email. The new address is: (Consider it done Sue!)

Hope you guys are well and thanks again!



PhysioPod Supported Susan with the following PR which was also shared across social media of the event.


Discover Deep Oscillation at The Equi-Pilates Conference on 6th October at Broomfield Hall Equine College


Susan Johnson MTI/CNHNC/IMA, Holistic Massage and Wellbeing Practitioner is offering tasters of Deep Oscillation therapy to Equestrians at this equine calendar event in Derbyshire this weekend.


Dear Mary,


Many thanks for your email and please accept my apologies for the late response.  I was delivering training all last week and so am only just catching up on my admin.  I am looking forward to seeing the PhysioPod in action and I would be delighted if you would promote the event. 


Best wishes,


Lindsay Wilcox Reid


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