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PhysioPod UK Ltd are the Exclusive UK & Republic of Ireland distributors for the full range of PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG high quality devices, designed for traditional and innovative physical therapy for rehabilitation, sports, aesthetic medicine and veterinary medicine. They are delighted to announce that the full range of other products available including special features, standard and additional accessories are now listed in Physio Equipment - a brand sister website for 2017



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Combination Therapy


PHYSIOMED combination therapy units enable you to start therapy with maximum speed and ease: direct selection of current or therapy form, over the indication index or program memory.






PHYSIOMED electrotherapy units enable you to start therapy with maximum speed and ease: direct selection of current, over the indication index or program memory.






Shockwave therapy has been successfully used in urology for around three decades. For some time now it has also proved successful in modern pain therapy and trigger point treatment.



Microwave Therapy


Therapy with microwaves is classified as high frequency therapy. The one thing the varying frequencies used in high frequency therapy have in common is the fact that warmth is created in the tissue under their influence.





Cryotherapy is based on surface cooling and thus local reduction of tissue temperature. Cold air therapy uses a continuously cooled stream of air within a constant temperature range, which results in a series of thermoregulatory effects that differ from other cold application forms (e.g. ice or cold packs) and are desirable for various indications, including acute and chronic pain (especially in sport physiotherapy) and rheumatism. Cold air therapy is also used to cool the skin surface during laser treatment.





MAGCELL® is a portable hand device for electrode-free electrotherapy. Magnetic alternating fields are produced over rotation by permanent magnets. A sinusoidal pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF) is generated over the special magnet arrangement and device function principle.




Traction Therapy


Traction or decompression therapy has been successfully used in physical medicine for centuries. The main application areas are cervical, lumbar and hip joint therapy. With the assistance of additional belts other joints can also be treated.



Laser Therapy


Laser therapy is used in various therapy fields. In contrast to hard lasers used in surgery (30 W and higher), laser therapists work with the athermal, therapeutic, low level laser (less than 700 mW).

LASP-Basic laser pen

LASS-Basic laser shower





With therapeutic magnetic field devices, pulsating magnetic fields (PEMF) can be applied at various frequencies and intensities. Coils and applicators of different sizes can also be used.