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PhysioPod UK To Exhibit At BAHT Level II Course Optimising Soft Tissue Function

By Mary Fickling on Mar 21 2018. PhysioPod® are delighted to announce they will be exhibitors on 21st-23rd September 2018 at the Optimising Soft Tissue Function Course at Mount Vernon Hospital

Lipoedema FAQ'S has been prepared following requests from sufferers and UK healthcare professionals responsible for Lipeodema care

By Mary Fickling on Apr 17 2014. DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy, a gentle, yet deeply effective therapy is becoming popular for the treatment and maintenance of Lipoedema applied via MLD Therapist to patient and as self management. It is hoped that all the questions and answers below will help interested parties make an informed decision about whether the therapy is suitable for them. For more information, please contact, PhysioPod UK on or call them directly on 0115 9167 685 or 0788 692 5715.

DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy Provides Hope To Primary Lymphoedema Sufferer In The United States

By Mary Fickling on Oct 02 2015. Thank you to Barcroft TV who have expertly covered the story of a lady with Primary Lymphoedema who has now started HIVAMAT (Deep Oscillation) Therapy treatment and feels she has 'hope' for the future.

New Lipedema Treatment Guide

By Mary Fickling on Jul 23 2018. PhysioPod UK are delighted to share details of this book publication news from well respected US healthcare professional Kathleen Lisson.

Physiopod UK Ltd: The Story Behind The Business with Mary Fickling

By Mary Fickling on Jul 23 2018. PhysioPod were delighted to be showcased on the Val Mattison Business and Life Coaching website as part of her Business Owner Blogs, looking into successful small businesses...

Liposuction for Lipoedema - Patient Feedback On Hire Of A Deep Oscillation Personal Aesthetics

By Mary Fickling on Jul 19 2018. More and more Lipoedema sufferers are choosing to have Liposuction to reduce the symptoms of Lipoedema, reducing volume and pain and improving range of movement and mobility. This lady describes how she feels that using Deep Oscillation before the procedure, softened the abnormal fat, thereby making it easier for the surgeon to extract 7 litres from one leg. Post liposuction, Deep Oscillation boosted the natural healing process.

Everything You Need to Know About… Deep Oscillation

By Mary Fickling on Jul 19 2018. PhysioPod were delighted to talk about Deep Oscillation as a non surgical option in Lipoedema management for The Karri Clinic as part of their excellent month long work to promote #Lipoedema Awareness in June.

DEEP OSCILLATION® Provides Freedom To Self Manage Lymphoedema

By Mary Fickling on Jul 08 2016. Patient feedback is very valuable to PhysioPod, it is wonderful to know this lady feels that DEEP OSCILLATION® has provided her with the freedom to treat at home or whenever suits.

Mary Ann Evans Hospice, Nuneaton add Deep Oscillation in Lymphoedema Services

By Mary Fickling on Jul 12 2018. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Nuneaton and Bedworth raised £33,000 for Mary Ann Evans Hospice Lymphoedema Service making the team's dreams for specialist, innovative equipment come true. Deep Oscillation is now installed with other therapies to follow.

AACP 2018: Deep Oscillation therapy may enhance treatment outcomes when used with acupuncture

By Mary Fickling on May 29 2018. Combining acupuncture and physiotherapy with deep oscillation therapy could help to relieve pain and lead to enhanced treatment outcomes.