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Mary Ann Evans Hospice, Nuneaton add Deep Oscillation in Lymphoedema Services

By Mary Fickling on Jul 12 2018. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Nuneaton and Bedworth raised £33,000 for Mary Ann Evans Hospice Lymphoedema Service making the team's dreams for specialist, innovative equipment come true. Deep Oscillation is now installed with other therapies to follow.

AACP 2018: Deep Oscillation therapy may enhance treatment outcomes when used with acupuncture

By Mary Fickling on May 29 2018. Combining acupuncture and physiotherapy with deep oscillation therapy could help to relieve pain and lead to enhanced treatment outcomes.

Three years on, lady living with breast cancer related lymphoedema (BCRL) provides feedback on self management with DEEP OSCILLATION®

By Mary Fickling on Mar 13 2017. After attending an LSN patient meeting at the Royal Marsden Hospital in 2015, where Deep Oscillation was presented, the patient has now written to PhysioPod to confirm results, her daily routine with the device and the convenience of taking the unit abroad to help manage her condition.

PhysioPod® to exhibit DEEP OSCILLATION® at the MLD UK 2018 Conference 12th/13th May 2018

By Mary Fickling on Mar 12 2018. PhysioPod® UK, as MLDuk Corporate Sponsors, are delighted to exhibit and look forward to welcoming Dr Jens Reinhold to England to present on 'Deep Oscilation and Pain Relief' during the full two days of presentations.

How Did We Manage Without Deep Oscillation? A Patient Review

By Mary Fickling on Apr 18 2018. Leslie and Carole Allman, from Kent, describe how Deep Oscillation has helped with Lipo-Lymphoedema, Arthritis, Pressure Sores, Plantar fasciitis, COPD and the regular aches and pains of growing older.

PhysioPod Revisit Their Journey From Human Into Equine & Canine Therapy

By Mary Fickling on Apr 11 2018. It's been 12 years since Deep Oscillation arrived in the UK. This article which features on Vetclick takes a quick look at that journey of how an unknown therapy in the UK got to be used in human, equine and canine so successfully and how the addition of the Magcell Vetri has perfected the PhysioPod veterinary range of products.

Deep Oscillation Technology features in Nicky Snazell's Wellness & Physiotherapy Clinic Newsletter, April 2018

By Mary Fickling on Apr 10 2018. PhysioPod are delighted that Deep Oscillation was included in the newsletter which goes out to a 6000 strong readership "I was introduced to this technology whilst presenting at the AACP Conference in 2016 and 2017..

Science 101 - Human Body - An excellent video from National Geographic

By Mary Fickling on Mar 29 2018. 10 major systems are responsible for our bodies functions. This video with excellent graphics and narration explores simply what each of them does. Thanks to Angeli Gabriel (Producer/ Narrator), Crystal Solberg (Assistant Producer) and Dan Steinmetz (Editor)

PhysioPod® UK Ltd to exhibit and support at The Children's Lymphaletics 15th September 2018 Sheffield

By Mary Fickling on Jan 02 2016. PhysioPod® UK Limited are delighted to be invited to demonstrate DEEP OSCILLATION at Lymphaletics 2018, a bi-annual event which provides a wonderful opportunity for families with teenagers and children living with Lymphoedema to learn and discuss non-invasive and helpful approaches for this chronic condition.