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Lymphoedema News from Mexico - Deep Oscillation Therapy Offered to Patients Operated for Breast Cancer

By Mary Fickling on Oct 29 2018. Lymphoedema can present as a result of breast cancer surgeries. Elia Ortiz Arellano, student of Physical Therapy at the Regional General Hospital No. 1 "Lic. Ignacio García Téllez" of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) has implemented a Deep Oscillation study protocol for women suffering from Lymphoedema as a result of breast cancer surgeries.

New Deep Oscillation Study Presented at XXVII Football Medicine Outcomes, Barcelona, 2018

By Mary Fickling on Aug 15 2018. For nearly 30 years, deep oscillation (also known as DEEP OSCILLATION® or HIVAMAT®) has been used in sports to promote regeneration after intensive training and competitions. Now there is the first empirical proof from Erlangen. Dr. Simon von Stengel and his team studied the maximum isokinetic flexor and extensor force of leg muscles of football players (measured with the CON-TREX® LP isokinetic testing, training and therapy system), the perceived exertion rating, and creatine kinase serum levels. In addition to a positive trend regarding the latter parameter, the study showed a statistically significant difference in favor of the deep oscillation group for the parameters maximum isokinetic force and effort evaluation (according to the Borg scale).


By Mary Fickling on Oct 29 2018. This short video shows Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK, an 'Official FEI Permitted Equine Therapist' applying DEEP OSCILLATION® in equine.

Dr Jens Reinhold, MLD UK Conference Presentation - Q&A Session

By Mary Fickling on Oct 28 2018. No presentation is complete without a healthy questions and answers section, either during or at the end! Dr Jens Reinhold was asked some very interesting questions by delegates of MLD UK at their Conference in May 2018. Take a look....

Latest News: Gilliyan Carter Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK Now Official FEI Permitted Equine Therapist

By Mary Fickling on Oct 27 2018. This news brings the reputation of ETUK and their courses into the worldwide equine platform, great news for ETUK Graduates and Students 

Chris Boynes, Consultant Chartered Sports & Spinal Physiotherapist Talks Deep Oscillation

By Mary Fickling on Oct 28 2018. Chris Boynes attended the MLDUK Conference in May 2018 and was happy to explain how Deep Oscillation, combined with his other treatments has changed the patient outcome with some surprising results too!

The Lymphatic System Explained Simply

By Mary Fickling on Oct 27 2018. Kasley Visser, registered dietician from Alex Royal Dietetics in Constanti, Cape Town, South Africa summarises.

Living with Lymphoedema Published in MLD UK The Journal Summer 2018 Issue

By Mary Fickling on Oct 26 2018. This article is reproduced with the kind permission of MLD UK. It featured in the Summer issue of MLD UK The Journal 2018.

MLDUK Conference 2018: Dr. Jens Reinhold Presentation - Deep Oscillation and Pain Relief

By Mary Fickling on Oct 23 2018. Julie Soroczyn and I were delighted to welcome Dr Jens Reinhold, CEO of Physiomed Elektromedizin to the UK in May to present on "Deep Oscillation and Pain Relief" at the MLD UK Annual Conference. The talk was enthusiastically received by the healthcare professionals in attendance and it was was captured on film by SilverIsland TV. This is now available to view here and on YouTube.

Complex Head and Neck Lymphoedema improved and maintained with Deep Oscillation

By Mary Fickling on Oct 11 2018. Deep Oscillation applied both with manual lymphatic drainage and as self management with applicators provides relief to patient with complex secondary Lymphoedema of the head and neck.