DEEP OSCILLATION® HIVAMAT® 200 Treatment Features

When applying DEEP OSCILLATION® the tissue will be thoroughly "kneaded" by mechanical force. This effect will not even be reduced when applying minimal external pressure thus enabling the application e.g. in cases of acute traumata or pains, or in the vicinity of open wounds.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® HIVAMAT 200 with the hand applicator attachment

  • After Breast Cancer Surgery DEEP OSCILLATION can be applied from Day One Operative providing significant pain relief, a reduction in swelling, quicker reabsorption of Haematomas and improving sensitivity, mobilility and a dynamic wound healing.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION applied on amputations

  • Relaxing, non-invasive and non-traumatic

Important Information

All HIVAMAT® 200 units are supplied by PhysioPod™ UK Ltd with some special components that are included in the price; enabling the therapist more flexibility with their use of the therapy.  These components have been considered by PhysioPod™ UK Ltd after a decade of usage/feedback.
All purchases include two free hours training in Nottingham, a letter for insurance companies and a pdf document for insurance underwriters.  A free therapist entry on our therapist map is created upon completion of a website questionnaire.  Feedback from visitors to the site have found this facility exceptionally useful when sourcing a therapist near to them to try DEEP OSCILLATION®.  

Fields of Application

Surgery Aftercare - e.g. breast cancer

Open Wounds - e.g. ulcers, (read case history)

amputations, burns (see burns page)

  • Treatment of the wounded area or immediate surroundings
  • Visible improvement of decongestion and supply
  • Enhancement of dynamic wound healing

Respiratory Diseases - e.g. mucoviscidosis, COPD

  • Quick and lasting relaxation of the respiratory musculature
  • Mucolytic effect
  • Immediate feeling of well-being

Sports Physiotherapy

  • Accelerated regeneration in case of traumata, especially of edemas and hematomas (read more)

Training and competition aftercare

  • Improved regeneration by optimized muscular detonization and decongestion of metabolic waste products

In the area of the interstitium the resonant vibration causes a "mixing" of the basic substance, subsequently stimulating transportation of interstitial liquids and their components (protiens, cellular disintegration products, neurotransmitters etc.). The detumescense of local edemas with aseptic inflammations is accelerated. Interstitial septa and spaces remain open to improve interstitial drainage. The restoration of the interstitial decongestion and supply will improve trophism considerably.

DEEP OSCILLATION® helps to quickly and effectively dissolve sticky fascia and indurate tissue. Besides improving the willingness to be active, DEEP OSCILLATION® has a substantial pain-soothing and detonizing effect and therefore makes the patient feel fullt relaxed and comfortable.

Training Aftercare and Performance Stabilization

In training aftercare, DEEP OSCILLATION® is known for its rapid, muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving effects and for its direct effect against microtrauma (muscle aches). Roughage and cell remains are removed more quickly through the treatment. This promotes a more effective nutritional supply to the muscle cells, thus accelerating the restoration to optimal performance. Regeneration times in the systematic training process can thus be reduced.