DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment enables young competitive swimmer to return to the water

"In June 2010, a competitive young swimmer was at an early morning training session when in a freak accident she slipped poolside onto the edge of the pool and hit the top of her groin. The day after the accident she had a two hour operation to remove a haematoma. She was kept in hospital for five days and was on a drip...



From Neil Snelson of NRS Sports Therapy

...Over the next four and a half years, she had Physiotherapy at the hospital and through her GP and also privately tried acupuncture from varying Practitioners, none of which provided any relief or improved her mobility.

Two MRI scans revealed her pelvis to be displaced which was also causing knee pain.


knee pain


By this time her parents were willing to try anything and they had been told about my work and DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment from a friend, so they drove the 35 miles to give it a try in December 2014.

She responded well and very quickly to the treatment and after four sessions of DEEP OSCILLATION® was pain free and ready to return to competitive swimming." 

* The young lady is now sixteen and permission has been received from her Mother to publish this treatment information.


Permeates an 8cm depth (Solangel 2010)

Intermittent, Electrostatic, Electromechanical

Attracting & Releasing the tissue layers from 5 - 250 times a second

No heat, no electrical stimulation, safe over implanted pins and plates

Applicable immediately after injury and day one post operatively

Significantly reduces pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising

Breaking down stubborn fibrosis and scar tissue

Boosting the bodies natural healing processes 

Promoting a dynamic wound healing