Strongman James Ashley Garrad Advocates DEEP OSCILLATION® For Never Missing A Training Session Due To Injury

As 28 year old James Ashley Garrad from Sheffield prepares to complete in his first World Final - The Arnold Strongman Classic in the USA, March 2016, he took time out to praise his therapist, Neil Snelson and the regular application of DEEP OSCILLATION® for keeping him in training.

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James Ashley Garrad 

Weight on bar - 342.5 kg 

"In the world of Strongman, injuries are just something that happen everyday, you are never truly 100%.  But if it wasn't for Neil Snelson and his DEEP OSCILLATION® machine I wouldn't have made it to where I am today and going to my first World Final in the USA in March 2016.  Neil is a great professional and a funny character. I would recommend him to anyone. I'll be a customer of his and an advocate of DEEP OSCILLATION® for years to come"

Neil Snelson of NRS Sports Therapy reported:

"I have applied DEEP OSCILLATION® to James for swelling and inflammation to his lower back, for slight muscle tears to calves, quads, deltoids, for inflammation to his rotator cuff and a medial knee ligament tear. Due to the DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment that he has received, he has never missed a training session due to injury."


DEEP OSCILLATION®, permeating an 8cm depth:

Intermittent, electrostatic, electromechanical, no heat, no electrical stimulation.  Safe over implanted pins and plates, applicable immediately after injury and day one post operatively; significantly reducing pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising and boosting the bodies natural healing processes 



  • Strongman James Garrad preparing for the World Strongman title 2016 in the USA. James credits Neil Snelson and DEEP OSCILLATION for keeping him in training.

  • Neil Snelson and Strongman World Title contender James Ashley Garrad

  • The basic principle of DEEP OSCILLATION® is that an intermittent electrostatic field is built up between the therapist’s hands or applicator and the patient’s tissue. The electrostatic field is pulsed throughout treatment which causes the tissue to be attracted and then released as the therapists hands move. This can happen between 5-250 times per second. This triggers a unique, deeply penetrating and lasting resonance vibration (DEEP OSCILLATION®) which thoroughly “kneads” and compresses the tissue segment, pumping out the unwanted inflammatory by-products and excess fluid that cause the painful acidic conditions we encounter, leaving the area free to uptake essential nutrients and accelerating the body’s natural healing process; bruises fade, swellings reduce, sensitivity and mobilisation are regained; resulting in enormous pain relief and muscular relaxation.