Julie Bradford of Purely Massage relocates to The Hans Place Clinic in Knightsbridge

Julie Bradford of Purely Massage has now relocated to the Hans Place Clinic in Knightbridge. She will be continuing to offer her first class therapy services, including Manual Lymphatic Drainage combined with DEEP OSCILLATION® for post surgery aftercare patients and specialising in post VASER treatments.

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Following a decade of success in the south east Julie Bradford has relocated and is now based at the Hans Place Clinic, Knightsbridge. She has vast experience in treating clients following VASER liposuction surgery and has gained a first-class reputation for her therapy treatment and approach.

Having originally trained at the prestigious Clare Maxwell-Hudson School of Massage, where she gained internationally recognised qualifications in a number of different massage techniques, Julie has extended her knowledge to complete the extensive training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Combined Decongestion Therapy (CDT) at the renowned Vodder School, Austria.

Julie treats many regular clients for lymphoedema and lipoedema but her main interest is post VASER treatments. Having witnessed this procedure Julie is both familiar and exceptionally knowledgeable on all areas of aftercare and self help required post surgery and applies her skills with a caring and sympathetic approach.

Julie is a registered practitioner of MLD CDT and is a member of MLDUK. She regularly undertakes training reviews to retain her status on the practitioners register and also to maintain her level of knowledge on new treatments available.

Services offered at Hans Place 
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VASER Aftercare
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
MLD for Lymphoedema
MLD for Sinusitis
MLD for Cellulite
MLD for Fertility
MLD for Menieres
MLD for Lumbago
MLD for Labyrinthitis
MLD & Cosmetic Surgery



  • Julie Bradford MLD and Lymphoedema therapist has relocated to The Hans Place Clinic, Knightbridge, offering MLD combined with DEEP OSCILLATION® to her clients.

  • The Hans Place Clinic, SW1

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® permeates a depth of 8cm through all tissue layers including the connective tissue. Excess inflammatory matter, abnormal fluid build up and proteins solids are gently pushed to the lymph system for removal. Significantly reducing pain, swelling and bruising.