The new benchmark in electro-, ultrasound, deep oscillation and simultaneous therapy in a contemporary design


IONOSON-DO-Evident - "The New Benchmark" in combination therapy with Deep Oscillation in the 4th Channel

  • Two-channel electrotherapy including 22 currents
  • Diagnostics: the user-guided navigation makes the diagnostic evaluation self explanatory and effective
  • Alternating and simultaneous stimulation
  • Spasticity treatment acc. to Hufschmidt or Jantsch
  • Manual release key for emergency shut-off or intentional exercises
  • Warning in case of intensity exceeding
  • The ergonomic ultrasound transducers 360º offer maximum safety and reliability in terms of power output. They combine 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound in an extremely durable and biocompatible titanium transducer, thereby excluding metallurgical deposits and are also suitable for subaqueous treatment. The innovative joint technology enables different types of handle and thus user-friendly operation, aimed at meeting the demands of different treatment settings and anatomical conditions.
  • Continuous or pulsed energy output (4 duty cycles [1:10, 1:5, 1:3, 2:5])
  • TPS ultrasound dosage


  • Perfected user guidance through combination of touch screen and PHYSIOMED one-button operation
  • 8“ colour monitor
  • Swivel and tilt mount for optimum monitor alignment at all times
  • Comprehensive overview of the therapy parameters including all therapy timers
  • Fastest therapy start: direct, through program memory or indications index
  • Treatment index with intelligent filtering functions based on body region, therapy form, desired therapy effect or per alphabet for quick location of the desired treatment proposal
  • Extensive therapy and dosage suggestions and detailed animations illustrating treatment, which can be viewed during therapy at the touch of a button
  • Patient database for max. 100 entries: up to 10 electrotherapy and five ultrasound settings as well as five diagnostic findings can be saved and configured as potpourris per patient
  • Multifunctional intensity controls with emergency stop function and quick switching between channels
  • Logical colour coding of electrotherapy and vacuum application accessories for quick and accurate allocation of channels and polarity
  • Vacuum application with PHYSIOVAC-Evident see page 40 (option)
  • Simultaneous therapy