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Deep Oscillation Finds Its Way From Austria to Exeter and the Skilled Hands of Susan Fishwick ..

By Mary Fickling on Sep 25 2020. It was one of Susie's Patients who told her about DEEP OSCILLATION therapy having had the treatment as part of her complete decongestive therapy in the management of Lymphoedema in her arm at The Vodder Clinic in Walchsee, Austria.

Hands-On-Treatments and COVID19: Making It Work For The Client and Me

By Mary Fickling on Sep 29 2020. When  lockdown happened back in March, I was just one week away from retiring from the best job I have ever had. I had only been with Mary Ann Evans Hospice for four years, but after twenty two years in Lymphoedema management, I  now felt confident in my knowledge-base and skills. Finally, I believed in myself. That said, I have always believed in life-long learning and the specialism of Lymphoedema still excites me with research findings, new research projects and innovative approaches to help people living with lymphatic conditions.

AQUA - A MEDICAL MYSTERY - Photography by Gemma Levine - A new book with proceeds to Lymphoedema Research

By Mary Fickling on Sep 07 2020. The photographs for “Aqua” have now been completed with approximately 40 black and white images, covering 28 pages with Lymphoedema captions from Professor Peter Mortimer. Lymphoedema is a chronic, debilitating and incurable swelling, that can be a result of damage to the lymphatic system due to surgery, cancer treatment, or injury. It can also be inherited. An estimated 400,000 UK citizens suffer from Lymphoedema. “Lymphoedema is a secret disease, the book takes it out of hiding and provides a platform to talk about it“ GEMMA LEVINE

The Equine Lymphatic System and Treatment of Equine Chronic Progressive Lymphoedema (CPL) by Rebecka Blenntoft - European Seminar in Equine Lymph Drainage (ESEL)

By Mary Fickling on Aug 27 2020. Of all the horse’s biomechanical systems, perhaps one that is least understood or looked at is the lymphatic system. Much of our current research on equine lymphology has been conducted at the Veterinary University at Hannover in Germany, where they have discovered significant differences between the equine lymphatic system and that of the humans, and this has profound implications on the way we need to look at and treat lymphatic problems as well as how we keep and manage horses on a daily basis.

Deep Oscillation Feedback by Gaynor Leech LWO Founder

By Mary Fickling on Aug 29 2020. "Imagine my delight in July when talking to Mary Fickling through one of our many conversations she said “I have a brain wave” we were discussing Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) and the many reports to the success of DOT and how it could be beneficial to someone living with Lymphoedema.  At the time Mary was busy writing her first Newsletter and I was getting ready to launch our Families website, so both extremely busy.  I had asked Mary whether she would write a piece for the Management and Treatment on deep oscillation and whether DOT was suitable for Children. 

"Mercita in your Pocket' - The Inspiration Behind The Amazing New Juzo Care App

By Mary Fickling on Aug 24 2020. "Over the past 15 years, I have worked within the NHS and privately providing cancer and non-cancer related Lymphoedema care.  I have a natural passion for Lymphoedema and have always enjoyed providing the best quality of care.  I am continuously increasing my skills and knowledge, and I give support to services developing service provision supporting patients and clinical commissioning groups with local provision. After working collaboratively with primary care and the community, I found that compression hosiery was challenging to maintain for nurses that have a considerable workload and are multi-skilled.  I was referred a patient by the community, and I supported them and educated at the same time. The patient needed a below-knee garment, and the nurses needed help in measuring. As I was leaving, one of the nurses said, "what we need is you in our pocket", and the idea was born!

L-W-O Community: Exciting News - New Website Launched for Families Whose Children Live with Lymphoedema

By Mary Fickling on Aug 02 2020. Gaynor Leech "I am very excited to be introducing L-W-O Community’s new family website to compliment our families support group for Paediatric and Primary Lymphoedema. Did you know babies and children could be born with lymphoedema

Life with Lincoln Now Six - Born with Multiple Genetic Disorders (including Congenital Lymphoedema): Self-Managing with Deep Oscillation Three Years On

By Mary Fickling on Jul 28 2020. "Lincoln was born with a multitude of genetic disorders that are lifelong and continue to be potentially life limiting, we were first made aware of Lincolns’ Genetic disorders during pregnancy; at our 20-week routine ultrasound scan we were made aware of one condition Congenital Lymphoedema. This affects both Lincolns’ lower limbs but most significantly his feet.

Deep Oscillation - "Looking After Your Legs" by Nikki Thurston DipCFHP MPS Pract FPS Pract. Dr Vodder MLDuk

By Mary Fickling on Jul 14 2020. PhysioPod invited Nikki a Foot Health Practitioner in Cambridgshire to blog on Deep Oscillation in leg care. Nikki is also a Vodder Certified Decongestive Lymphatic Therapist and Complementary Therapist and a Neal’s Yard Remedies Independent Consultant. PhysioPod have added links where Deep Oscillation has also been demonstrated to confirm Nikki's findings with full references at foot of article (pardon the pun)! It makes for a very interesting read and it also includes Nikki's Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Legs and Feet. Put your feet up, enjoy the read!

LIPOELASTIC – Compression Garments

By Mary Fickling on Jun 30 2020. PhysioPod met the charming Dalibor Svec, London's Branch Manager of LIPOELASTIC® at the Talk Lipoedema Conference 2017. As it is Lipoedema Awareness Month Mary, invited Dalibor to write a guest blog post about the company and their compression garments for Lipoedema care which have evolved since working with Lipoedema sufferers in Germany.