Ruptured Achilles Tendon - DEEP OSCILLATION® Used In Early Post Operative Rehabilitation

The Stapleton Family have owned a DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Unit for five years. It has been used for various sporting and occupational injuries and is always packed for skiing trips. A recreational football game rendered a young aspiring Dentist out of action with a ruptured achilles tendon, he was given two options...

"My son was in the final year of training to become a Dentist and during his weekly recreational game of football, he unfortunately ruptured his achilles tendon.  This was some 9 weeks before his final practical exam.  After clinical examination there were two options open to him.

Firstly, to be in a full leg plaster in excess of 8 weeks allowing the tendon to repair naturally. Secondly, the option was to have surgery to repair the tendon and be put in a half leg plaster for 4-6 weeks.  He chose the second option of surgery because he needed to be in a cast for the shortest period in order to regain mobility when wearing a support boot and walk without crutches, which was essential for him to be allowed to take the exam.

When the cast was removed I worked on the whole of the damaged tendon area regularly throughout the day over a seven day period with the oscillator. He regained strength and mobility after each daily session. On his next visit to his surgeon he was astounded at the amount of flexibility he had regained and went on to ask if he was a 'fast healer'. His recovery was so significant he could actually get his heel to the floor. He had not seen anyone recover as speedily with this type of injury before. We are convinced the intensive use of the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS was the main factor in the speed of healing and enabled him to successfully complete his practical exam as scheduled. We continue to use the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS on general family injuries with much success and would not like to be without it"  


Mrs Stapleton

11th February 2016




As opposed to externally applied, mechanical forms of massage therapy (e.g. vibration), DEEP OSCILLATION® is applied with gloved hands and/or special applicators, creating biologically effective oscillations in the tissue segment undergoing treatment.  Applied with gentle, minimal pressure, the therapy works through the entire tissue layers (including the connective tissue to a depth of 8cm (Solangel, 2010) reaching the core of the affected area.

DEEP OSCILLATION® is a non-invasive, non-traumatic treatment which is well received by patients.  Because of it’s gentle application it is a unique treatment for acute and chronic injury, and day one post-operative.  Implanted pins and plates can be safely worked over due to its non-thermal nature.

DEEP OSCILLATION® can induce the following clinically documented effects in treated tissue:


  • Strong pain-alleviating potential. This applies to acute traumatic as well as to chronic pain conditions
  • Anti-inflammatory effect 
  • Prevention and reduction of secondary and primary lymphoedema
  • Prevention of fibrotic remodelling processes, reduction of fibrosis 
  • Muscle relaxation, promotion of physical activity, mobilisation 
  • Support of wound healing processes 
  • Normalisation of haemodynamic parameters of the skin, correction of aesthetic-neurotic problems and influence on biological ageing through preventive effects on premature ageing 
References can be viewed here


  • Following daily extensive use of the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sport the Surgeon was astounded at the amount of flexibility regained and asked "are you a fast healer?" He had never seen this speed of recovery before.

  • Surgery and daily after care with DEEP OSCILLATION® enabled the aspiring dentist to take his dentistry practical exam

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sports is taken on every family skiing trip.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sport which pre-programmed conditions including Achilles Rupture, Post Op amongst any others making it the ideal family unit.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION permeates an 8cm tissue depth reducing pain, swelling and bruising and facilitating early rehabilitation post-injury and post-operatively