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  • Acupuncture can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine

  • The HIVAMAT® 200 device is now at The York Clinic and is applied through gloved hands or applicators, getting to the core of the injury without pressure. Effective treatment for pain, swelling, bruising and inflammation, applicable immediately after injury.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION®, developed by Physiomed Elektromedizin in Germany is an internationally patented therapeutic design which utilizes the forces of pulsed electrostatic attraction and friction to provoke oscillations, which act deeply on the tissues of the body from the epidermis down through the conjunctive and adipose layers and into the muscles. Hernandez Tapanes et al (2010) were able to prove, by diagnostic ultrasound, penetration of the oscillations up to an 8cm depth (see diagram). Observed physiological effects of the therapy include oedema resorption - Jahr S Et Al (2008) The therapy also limits the production of inflammatory mediators, especially during the treatment for chronic pain and more so during the treatment of fibromyalgia - Janik, H. et al (2010) strengthening of the cutaneous tissues - Korkina Et Al (2007), stimulation of the wound healing process Mikhalchik E, Et Al (2005)

  • Sports Massage is for anyone with a musculoskeletal problem, regardless of age or fitness level. The addition of DEEP OSCILLATION® allows Debbie to treat in the acute stage of an injury for active healing and faster regeneration.


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About Debbie Priestley


Debbie is qualified and experienced in both acupuncture and sports massage. She first qualified in therapeutic massage in 1984, and has since gone on to qualify in acupressure massage and sports massage at the Fulcrum College where she qualified with a merit. Her interest in acupuncture began after having treatment for a back problem and she went on to do a four-year course at the Northern College of Acupuncture, qualifying in March 2001, with a Post Graduate Diploma validated by the University of Wales. Debbie now uses sports massage and acupuncture for her patients treating a wide range of health concerns, and in some case, combining acupuncture and massage together.  

In 2015, Debbie added DEEP OSCILLATION® to her techniques, after being introduced to its benefits by PhysioPod™ UK Ltd at The British Acupuncture Council Conference.  In the acute injury stages, Debbie has already reported excellent results, enabling a speedier return to normal activities for her patients.


Treatments Offered





A safe, gentle and relaxing form of treatment, which can benefit people of all ages. Acupuncturists look at disease in a unique way. By taking into account the whole of your life, from your physical and emotional state through to your lifestyle, an acupuncturist can draw on a more complete picture of your condition. As a result, it is possible to treat the deeper pattern of disharmony underlying the specific symptoms. Acupuncture can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine.  Read more 





deep oscillation explanation

Sports Massage




Sports Massage is for anyone with a musculoskeletal problem, regardless of age or fitness level.  Minor everyday injuries are by far the most common musculoskeletal problems. These injuries can be extremely painful and may seriously affect a person's occupation, sport or quality of life. Furthermore, if not treated properly at an early stage, a minor injury can sometimes lead to a more serious condition in the long term. Sports massage is the application of massage and stretch techniques to specific localised areas of muscle and connective tissues. It is a deeper type of massage designed to get down between muscle fibres, breaking up adhesions and fibrous tissue that may have built up during injury, repetitive use or sports training.


Pre-Event massage


pre event


Pre-event massage warms the muscles, preparing the body for activity. It can increase circulation, flexibility and stimulate the nervous system, preparing the body for the task ahead.


Post-event massage


post event


Greatly reduces muscle soreness after a sporting event. Minor injuries can be detected and treated at an early stage.  With the addition of DEEP OSCILLATION®, injuries can now be treated immediately after the injury.


Pregnancy Massage


pregnancy massage


Helping to improve circulation, digestion, sleep and posture.  It may also reduce stress, tension and anxiety.


Kinesio Taping




Kinesio taping is the definitive rehabilitative taping method used within the international community. Kinesiotex tape has the ability to re-educate the neuromuscular system, enhance performance, prevent injury, promote healing and circulation, and support the muscles and joints. Click here more details on kinesio taping 


Cosmetic Acupuncture




A range of anti-ageing facial treatments for rejuvenation