Georgie Baker DC MMCA, McTimoney Chiropractor talks about her use of DEEP OSCILLATION®

"As a Chiropractor I use many and varied techniques including deep massage. Using DEEP OSCILLATION® with the personal unit has certainly added a useful tool. I have had it for nearly three months so I’m still learning and experimenting with the use and applications of it, but so far the people I treat really appreciate it as it’s a much more soothing and relaxing way of loosening up the muscles without the constant tensing and tightening you often get with deep massage"

...I have found that people in acute pain can tolerate this so much more than other techniques, especially when they are too sore or sensitive for any but the lightest of pressure. It’s been great in helping releasing up scar tissue, although I have yet to use it on a fresh scar. but old scar tissue appears to loosen up more quickly and comfortably.

On a personal note it’s been brilliant with our two horses. I was initially introduced to it by our animal chiropractor when she started treating both horses about three years ago. One of the horses had a serious back and pelvis injury and we were never sure if we would ever be able to ride him again. The rehab process has been long, but after two years we were back to riding but with many steps backwards as he would tighten up after each ride. Since using deep oscillation on him after every ride he has come on so much more quickly with many less muscle problems to the point where he needed no treatment the last time the chiropractor came - the first time in three years and  has even cantered comfortably - first time in four years!


Georgie Baker

DC MMCA, McTimoney Chiropractor

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  • Georgie Baker DC MMCA, McTimoney Chiropractor

  • The main chiropractic treatment technique involves manual therapy, including manipulation of the spine, other joints, and soft tissues, with DEEP OSCILLATION combined the areas are prepared in advance of adjustments making the manipulations much easier and applied afterwards helping to ease muscle soreness that can occur in the days following treatment