Carly Olliffe

Dip SMT, Cert D.O

Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
Mobile 07931 806806

  • Mobile 07931 806806

  • Carly Olliffe Dip SMT, Cert D.O, Owner, Equitouch

  • DEEP OSCILLATION applied via hand and applicator to the horse. Effective and very well tolerated.

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL Sports unit providing a host of pre-programmed sporting conditions.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy is combined with sports massage permeating an 8cm tissue depth

Business opening hours:


Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 6.00 pm - Evening and Weekend appointments available



Website: Equitouch


Facebook Page: Deep Oscillation Therapy


Insured with Balens


Therapies Offered:


  • Massage for Riders with DEEP OSCILLATION®
  • Equine Sports Massage
  • Events/Shows sports massage/DEEP OSCILLATION® for horse and rider


Mobile therapy by arrangement

Hertforshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northants: 20 mile radius of Mk2, 40p per mile after this.



Sports Massage Diploma, Deep Oscillation Certificate, Fitness instructor Level 2


Training completed at

Premier Training 



How did you hear about DEEP OSCILLATION®?  What prompted you to buy?

Through Equi Therapy. Speaking to Gill about it and able to try it out on a horse, also speaking with Julie.