Caroline, A Breast Cancer Survivor Describes The Peace Of Mind DEEP OSCILLATION® Self Management Has Provided For Secondary Lymphoedema

Caroline now 37, was diagnosed in 2014 with breast cancer. The following is an account of her treatment and how regular self-management with the DEEP OSCILLATION® personal has allowed her to keep up with her active fitness regime and in control of her secondary lymphoedema

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October 2014


Aged 36, diagnosed with breast cancer


November 2014 


Lumpectomy Surgery and three lymph nodes removed, further genetic testing revealed the

BRCA2 mutation


June 2015 


Caroline underwent a double mastectomy, with right side axillary node clearance

Breast reconstruction with implants.


"My Breast Clinic advised me about the possibility of developing secondary lymphoedema following the axillary node clearance and so I kept a watchful eye for any changes.  One day, after training, I noticed that my right arm had swollen a little, which after a few months moved to my hand.  My clinic confirmed that I had mild lymphoedema and I was fitted with a compression sleeve and glove. I also started my own research into possible treatments for self-management of the condition and to avoid it worsening.

My sister mentioned that DEEP OSCILLATION® was used for Lymphoedema and I recalled that my father had successfully received this therapy some years ago for his tennis elbow.  I contacted PhysioPod and spoke to Julie at length back in Dec 2015.  Julie suggested that it would be a good idea to see Regina Dengler, a private MLD Practitioner/Lymphoedema Therapist in Nottingham who uses DEEP OSCILLATION®, to see if the therapy would prove beneficial for me before investing in a unit of my own.  I had 6/7 treatments with Regina and having found the treatment helped to reduce the swelling I decided to go ahead.  Mary at PhysioPod and Regina worked to programme a bespoke card for me and my unit was with me within days, I made an appointment with Regina and she ran through the operation of the unit and the direction of flow in which to work.

I have been using my personal DEEP OSCILLATION® unit for 8 weeks now with good results, initially daily but now every other day, via the applicator, it is very easy to use.  I exercise daily, doing gym based *weight training and Crossfit. I was extremely concerned that the swelling in my hand would impact on this but actually the weight training and use of the personal unit combined, are reducing the swelling. My husband and sister have also benefited from using the unit, as they both have back problems. It's a very powerful piece of kit. I am saving a lot of time not having to see Regina as regularly, now about once a month to ensure there are no changes and so ultimately it will prove extremely cost effective. Julie has been first class in providing all the information I need.

If I was asked to describe how owning a DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS has made a difference to my condition, I'd say it has brought piece of mind, I'm back in control, it's my back up and I don't have to rely on anyone and I can treat myself in the comfort of my own home, whenever I like and get instant swelling relief.  Thank you PhysioPod"

Caroline, March 2016.


is it safe

Conclusion: Women with BCRL can safely perform moderate- to high-intensity upper body resistance exercise with both high and low loads without fear of exacerbating their lymphedema. This moderate- to high- intensity exercise intervention was well tolerated by women with BCRL, and a relatively short exposure resulted in significant improvements in muscle strength, muscle endurance and quality of life.


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More information about DEEP OSCILLATION®


DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy can be used with gloved hands as massage to another person or applicators,  applicators also enable self-management of sporting and occupational injuries, early post operatively for pain, swelling and bruising, improving mobility and promoting a dynamic wound healing.  For lymphoedema and lipoedema (where appropriate), for acute and chronic scar tissue and hardened fibrosis.


  • DEEP OSCILLATION® gets to the core of the problem, non invasively and gently, saving the clinicians hands
  • Permeating an 8cm tissue depth - see diagram
  • Intermittent, patented, electrostatic, electromechanical therapy (not electrical stimulation)
  • Safe over implanted pins and plates
  • No heat



DEEP OSCILLATION®, developed by Physiomed Elektromedizin in Germany is an internationally patented therapeutic design which utilizes the forces of pulsed electrostatic attraction and friction to provoke oscillations, which act deeply on the tissues of the body from the epidermis down through the conjunctive and adipose layers and into the muscles. Hernandez Tapanes et al (2010) were able to prove, by diagnostic ultrasound, penetration of the oscillations up to an 8cm depth (see diagram). Observed physiological effects of the therapy include oedema resorption - Jahr S Et Al (2008) The therapy also limits the production of inflammatory mediators, especially during the treatment for chronic pain and more so during the treatment of fibromyalgia - Janik, H. et al (2010) for strengthening of the cutaneous tissues - Korkina Et Al (2007), for stimulation of the wound healing process Mikhalchik E, Et Al (2005), Trybulski R (2008).