The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal POSTPARTUM unit is a safe and highly effective treatment of post pregnancy related breast pain and plugged (blocked) milk ducts. Providing pain relief and faster and better healing of the surgical wound after a caesarian section. Efficient treatment option for stretchmarks and cellulite.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION naturally helping the breastfeeding process...

  • The gentle vibrations immediately and noticeably alleviate spontaneous pain and tenderness, encouraging milk to flow ...

  • Deep Oscillation can help fight all the pathological effects of Cellulite

Post Partum Breast Pain and Tension (plugged/blocked) milk ducts

The symptons generally occur two to four days after giving birth, before or when lactation begins.  The cause of the symptons in the days immediately after giving birth are hypermisation and odedema due to lymphatic overload and increased volume as well as increased secretion and filling of the mammary glands.  This is an additional burden for women who have just given birth that could possibly hampera woman's desire to breastfeed. DEEP OSCILLATION®'s gentle vibrations immediately and noticeably alleviate spontaneous pain and tenderness.  The tension and swelling is immediately relieved and thus contributes to the normalisation of lactation.  There is also a high level of acceptance of the soothing treatment by the patients/individual self treating. Read how one mother used the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal POSTPARTUM to enable feeding

Post Operative Treatment for Caesarian Sections

DEEP OSCILLATION® eliminates postoperative swelling and oedema much quicker and it has a positive and accelerated effect on the healing process when used on the first postoperative day.  The result is a dynamic wound healing with softer, more flexible scars.  There is also a lasting reduction in pain.  Read Shelly's account of healing with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal POSTPARTUM after c-section and the consultant who thought the therapy very effective for post operative c-section healing

Treatment of Pregnancy Related Problem Areas

The deep-acting vibrations train the muscles  through activatiion and relaxation and keep them taut.  The skin retains its taut appearance, for instance, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, by stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration. Proven to counteract all the pathological effects of cellulite. Read about the effects Elisabeth Muska has had with cellulite in problem areas

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