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Rebecka Blenntoft to lecture at The Annual Conference of The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in Southport

By Mary Fickling on Apr 25 2012. Rebecka Blenntoft - Dr Vodder Schule (Austria) trained therapist, will be lecturing at the event on Saturday 28th April 2012 on Lower Limb Lymphodema - Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment (MLD) - DEEP OSCILLATION® will be incorporated into the lecture as a treatment for this long term condition.

Captain Chris Howard to run 5 marathons in 5 days at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to raise money for Help for Heroes.

By Mary Fickling on Apr 09 2012. When PhysioPod UK Limited heard that Captain Chris Howard was attempting such a massive project to raise money for Help For Heroes, it was without any hesitation that they offered him the use of a DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sports unit for faster regeneration after his training, any injury, any damage from overstraining, muscles aches, strains, infammation and swelling incurred prior and post event.

Dr Barbara Röder To Present Deep Oscillation in Equine Respiratory Therapy At The 20th International Convention of The Swiss Association of Animal Physiotherapy (SVTPT)

By Mary Fickling on Oct 04 2018. The SVTPT has for the past 10 years enjoyed federal recognition for its higher professional examination and qualified therapists are officially recognised as animal physiotherapists. PhysioPod and their Swiss Distribution Partners Fritac Medizintechnik AG are delighted that Dr Barbara Röder will be presenting 'Respiratory therapy for horses: Possible use of Deep Oscillation® techniques"

New Lipedema Treatment Guide

By Mary Fickling on Jul 23 2018. PhysioPod UK are delighted to share details of this book publication news from well respected US healthcare professional Kathleen Lisson.

New Deep Oscillation Study Presented at XXVII Football Medicine Outcomes, Barcelona, 2018

By Mary Fickling on Aug 15 2018. For nearly 30 years, deep oscillation (also known as DEEP OSCILLATION® or HIVAMAT®) has been used in sports to promote regeneration after intensive training and competitions. Now there is the first empirical proof from Erlangen. Dr. Simon von Stengel and his team studied the maximum isokinetic flexor and extensor force of leg muscles of football players (measured with the CON-TREX® LP isokinetic testing, training and therapy system), the perceived exertion rating, and creatine kinase serum levels. In addition to a positive trend regarding the latter parameter, the study showed a statistically significant difference in favor of the deep oscillation group for the parameters maximum isokinetic force and effort evaluation (according to the Borg scale).